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With the help of other government departments, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has designed a single-window service for event planners, organizers, and promoters.

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Canada Border Services Agency
The CBSA have office across Canada. Visit their web site at to find the office in the city you are holding your event. You can contact us  to get the latest names and emails for staff across Canada.



Why use a customs Broker?
Any time a shipment – large or small – is being shipped in Canada, a customs broker can be used. Customs brokers will ensure that duties and taxes are not applied to the shipment when appropriate. They will also ensure your documentation is prepared properly and streamline the process of clearing customs.
EM Logistics Experience
We have provided shipping and customs brokerage services for many meetings including: Community Food Security Coalition Dionex Presidents Club International Downtown Association International Society for Cellular Therapy